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What is business ? || What is online Business

What is business ?

Simply we define business "if someone exchange goods or service for Money" are called business.

Types of business

There are several type of business in the world. For example ecommerce business, home based business, office depot business, real estate business etc.

Online Business

Online Business are very popular in these days and their popularity increase day by days. A lot of People's want to purchase anything online because online purchasing have several benefits.

• Customer don't go physically in market for purchasing
• Online Shopping save your time.

• Online Business/Shopping websites gives you a discount. Further Online Websites giving special discount on special events.
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Component Of Business

• Industry
• Commerce
We further define Components of Business.
First of all we define Industry

What is Industry ?

Industry is a place where we convert(using machines) raw material into complete goods or semi complete goods which meet the need of humans  or can be used another industry as a material.

Types of industry

There are several types of industry's in worldwide. For example clothing industry, fertilizers industry's etc.
Above definition we use two terms
(i) Complete Goods
(ii) Semi Complete Goods
We further define above two turms
Complete Goods are those which we(Humans) use.
• Semi Complete Goods are those which we can't use directly because these are use another industry for making complete goods.
Further Industry divide into two kinds

• Primary Industry
• Secondary Industry
We Further explain Above kinds of Industry's

Primary Industry

Primary Industry are those Industry which produces raw material and these raw material used in Secondary Industry's.
Primary Industry further divide in two types:
• Extractive Industry
• Genetic Industry

Secondary Industry

Secondary Industry are those Industry which use raw material and make complete Goods.
There are further three types of Secondary Industry:
(i) Manufacturing Industry
(ii) Construction Industry
(iii) Services Industry
Commerce is the Second Component of business.

what is Business strategy

No business can achieve success without good strategy.

Tips to success in business

• Marketing Strategy
marketing strategy is a most important factor for success in business. I think that marketing strategy is a backbone of business.
• Management Of The Business/ Consulting
Management is another important factor that represent business in outside environment. Best management making a good planing for success of business.
• business environment
Business environment play important role for success of business.
• Technology in business
Use New Technology and compete you competitors.Today's business are very complex and need hard work for success.  If you can't use new technology then you can't compete your competitors.

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