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How to avoid whatsapp account banned || How to unbanned Whatsapp Account in 2019

How to avoid whatsapp account banned problem

Dear Friends if you are facing whatsapp banned problem again and again and want to avoid this situation then follow this post because I am telling you in this article how to avoid this problem.
First of all I am telling you why this problem come in.
" Whatsapp is a Social media platform and Facebook own it. Every Social media
platform set Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy for their user. If user break these Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy then they(Social Media Platforms)block user account (Temporary/Permanent)or maybe sometime they send him a warning message and then block these user. "
Whatsapp Modes
Don't use Whatsapp Modes because;
• If you are using Whatsapp mode like GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, FM Whatsapp etc. Please uninstall it first and use Whatsapp Messenger/Business Whatsapp. Modes are third party applications and maybe these applications stole your data, Privacy and much more thing that he wants.
Recently whatsapp announced that don't use any type of Whatsapp modes.
Important Note:
Some People's doesn't use Whatsapp mode but they facing whatsapp number banned issu. Why ?
This is a good question because a lot of People's doesn't use Whatsapp mode but their whatsapp number get banned temporary/Permanently (in some cases).
There are many possible reasons that are responsible for whatsapp account banned. Some Reason's are given below;
• If Someone report your number then definitely your number banned.
• Don't Spreads fake news and porn Videos.
"Spreads fake news and porn videos are responsible for permanent banned account. So don't do it because these are illegal activities and some countrys take serious action's against these activities".
Why People report our number ?
There are many reasons but a lot of people report your whatsapp number due to following reasons:
° If you send messages/links those person who don't know you, then they block you but some cases they block and report your number.
° If you are the owner of Whatsapp group and you can post unnecessary things on your whatsapp group.Then your group members report your whatsapp number with screenshots of your irrelevant post. Screenshot make a report strong and hance your whatsapp number has been banned.
° If you are a member of any group and send same thing/links again and again then someone or Admin report your account, that are responsible of your whatsapp banned.
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• If You are sharing a lot of links then whatsapp system think that you are spamming him. That's why whatsapp Ban your number. So Avoid spamming.
For business purposes always use Business whatsapp.
• 1.5 Billion active user (maybe this figure are not accurate. You can search it on google) use Whatsapp in worldwide. So Whatsapp is a popular social media platforms and growing day by days. Some people take that advantage and spread fake news. Now Whatsapp in action and banned all those accounts which break Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy.
" Do not Break any rules and make your account safe ".
Whatsapp get what benefit to banned our account ?
Whatsapp is a popular social media platform and popularity depnand on trust.
If Whatsapp doesn't ban those user account that break Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy(For Example Spread Fake news/Sharing Porn Video/Illegal media)then People leave Whatsapp and move other social media platforms.
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"For Better experience please reads Whatsapp terms & condition and instructions".
• Don't join unnecessary groups that break the term and conditions of Whatsapp.
• Don't join a lot of Groups.
• Don't irritate group members.
• Don't Create Multiple Groups.
• Reads Whatsapp term and conditions.
How to unbanned Whatsapp Account in 2019
If Your account are Banned send him email and wait for their response.When you received email from whasapp support center read it carefully.
Keep in mind banned are two Type:
• Temporary
If you're account are Banned temporary then your account automatically unbanned in some time periods.
• Permanently
If you're account are Banned Permanently then your account doesn't unbanned because you can break serious rules 
For example sharing sexuall content.
In case of Permanently banned only one way for back on whatsapp is make account on Other/New Number.
I hope you will understand why whatsapp Ban our number/account.
Important Notice:
Don't waste your money and time to unbanned your permanent ban account.
Stay safe from online fraud.

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