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Memory Card
A memory card is a type of electronic
date storage device and used for storage
information in digital way.Memory card
are commonly used in different devices.
For example
• Mobile Phones • Laptops/Computers
• Tablets • Video Games
• PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant)
• Portable Media Players (like DVD
Player's , MP3 Player's etc).
• Electronic Keyboard's
• Digital Piano's and Printer etc.
Memory card game
memory card are also used in gaming  devices
• Many Of People's used camera for making videos or capture photo's. For saving photo's/videos they used memory card for camera(memory cards are available in camera's in shape of internal/external memory).
What is memory card reader and why it use ?
Multiple Card Reader

memory card reader is a device which are used to access the memory card data.We insert memory card in memory card reader and connect our laptops , Computers and other supported devices.
How many types of memory card's are
available in market ?
memory card types
Memory cards are used in different types
of devices. So different types of memory
cards are available in market. Each of
them are different size, property's ,
compatibility's and storage capacity.
Some type of memory card names are
given below :
• Micro SD
• SD(Secure Digital)Card
• CF(Compact Flash)
• SDHC Card
• Smart Media Card
• Sony Memory Stick
How much Storage Provide Memory
Cards ?
In above we discussed that different
types of memory cards are available in
Today's 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB, 32GB,
64GB, 128GB Memory Cards are easily
available in local market's but you can buy
larger Size memory card like
1TB .
How many GB in 1 TB ?
memory card 1tb
1024GB = 1TB
In Early Days 1GB Memory Cards are
easily available in market but now a days 1GB memory cards are almost disappeared from markets.
memory card price
Different memory cards are available in different prices.The price of memory cards are depand upon company's , Property's, storage capacity's and other several factors.
• Before Purchasing Memory Cards you
can must check your Device External
Memory Support.
• If Your Device Support External Memory
upto 32 GB it means that you can't use
above 32 GB memory card in your Device.
How can I increase the size of a memory
Card ?
The size of a memory card are fixed and
can't increase. If the storage of your
memory card are full you can delete
something(data)and replace another
thing (data)which you want or purchase
more capacity memory card if you're
device are support.
Some tips to avoid losing/damage your
memory card ?
• Always Purchase Original Company memory cards because copies of original memory cards are available in markets
• Don not remove your memory card while
function are running in your file manager.
• Don not remove your memory card
when camera is on.
memory card class 10

• Make Sure you are purchased 10 or above class memory card because lower class memory card are not safe.
° Lower Class memory cards are not working properly and damages rate are high.

° Low class memory card are slightly lower speed.

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