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how to create whatsapp account in 2019 - Tech Inside

Briefly information of whatsapp
How to make whatsapp account

WhatsApp web
whatsapp history
initially whatsapp released in January
2009 and introduce WhatsApp Business
in January 2018.
If You are using Android device's like
smart phone you are familiar with
WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a social media
application and very popular in these
days.Facebook owned by WhatsApp.
It allow their user to send text and voice
message's each other. They provide
facility of their user to send images, make
video audio calls, share document's, user
location and other media. WhatsApp are
competable for Windows and Mac
desktop computer's.
whatsapp desktop Mac
Whatsapp are competable for Mac desktop.
For using WhatsApp service user must
connected internet.
WhatsApp also know as whatsapp messenger.
WhatsApp online
WhatsApp is a online Software which means that without internet you can't send and receive anything.
whatsapp business
In January 2018 , WhatsApp introduced
(released) Business app for small
business owners , which are known as
WhatsApp Business.
whatsapp free
WhatsApp is a Freeware Software.
App whatsapp
WhatsApp is a free software and anyone can download it easily from playstore.
whatsapp account
Everyone can easily create whatsapp account. Just download whatsapp and follow below steps.
how to create whatsapp account
It's simple just install WhatsApp
messenger open it and choose your
country code write your number and
verify it(You have received a verification
code)Type your name and select your
pic(it's not necessarily).
Now Your WhatsApp messenger Account
has been created.
Now you can use your WhatsApp.
how to create second whatsapp account 
Legally everyone can create two whatsapp account.
1. WhatsApp Messenger and
2. Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp chat backup
You can easily backup your chats. Just goto "Setting" and backup your chat, wallpapers and history.
How to Create WhatsApp Group ?
It's very simple just follow Below steps:
=> Open Your "WhatsApp"
How to make WhatsApp group

=> Click Above "Three dots"
=> Click "New Group "
=> Ad Participients"(One Participient are necessary. You can remove after create group).

=> Enter Your Group name and add picture.
=> Click √ button.
Now your whatsapp group created successfully.

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