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Awesome Features Of the Google Playstore || features of Google Playstore

Features Of Play Store
1st of all we provide some information of Playstore.Google own Playstore.Playstore is a famous place for Android Apps and Games.
Normally Playstore is a 1st choice of every Android user.Everyone who want to publish their Apps/Games on Playstore they must first purchase Google Play Develpor Console Account on 25 US Dollars. After Purchase Google Console Account they are able to Publish Unlimited Apps/Games on Playstore.
Google introduce Playstore in October 22, 2008
• Website : play.google.com
Playstore Contain Free Apps/Games ?
Playstore Contain both Free and Paid Application/Games but lot of free.
Features Of Playstore:
A lot Of People are use Playstore but they can't know some features which are very helpful for him.
How to add Apps/Games in whitelist ?
Whitelist is a very useful feature of Playstore. You can can check mark any apps or Games as a whitelist. After Check mark these games/apps are saved in "Whitelist" You can access whitelist any time and download it.
* Open Playstore
* Click Three Line
* Click "Whitelist"(All of Your Whitelist Apps/Games are hare)
For mark as a Whitelist any apps/Games follow Below Steps:
1st Method:
1.Long press any app/game
2.A pop-up show and you can check mark as a Whitelist.

2nd Method:
1.Open any Apps/Games
2.Click Three Dots
3. Click "Add to Whitelist"

How to copy Apps/Games Links ?
Many People's want to share or copy Apps/Games link directly from Playstore but they don't know how to share Playstore Apps/Games.
This is very simple.
1.Open any Apps/Games
2.Click Share
3.Now you can share or copy link Address.

How to add Payment Method for Purchase Paid Apps ?
It's a simple just follow below steps:
* Open Playstore
* Click Three Line
* Click "Payment Methods"
How to check our device are Play Protect Certified or not ?
It's simple Google Playstore Provide you a facility to check device are "Play Protect Certified or not.
How to check ?
* Open Your Playstore
* Click Three Lines()
* Goto Settings
* Scroll Down You Can see "Play Protect Certification".

If You're Device Show not Certified it means that:
• Your Device may not be secure.
• Your Device may not get Android system updates or app updates.
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