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Internet-UR Teche

Internet are growing fastaly day to day.In This article I am giving you some information about internet because positive use of internet are very helpful in our life and negative use of internet create problems in our life, society's and relative. Every days a lot of websites are created and thousands of websites are disappeared from Internet.Internet contain both types of websites like Good and bed.Internet contain a lot of informative Website where you can get Solution of every problem.Internet Provide thousands of service's.In these days you can get almost all thing on your home using Internet.
How many people are using Internet in worldwide ?
Internet User in World Wide
A Lot Of People Use Internet
*Internet User in 2002(Approximately)
673 Million
*Internet User in 2005(Approximately)
("B" stand For Billion).
*Internet User in 2018(Approximately)
*Internet User in 2019(Approximately)
For more info visit Google
Some Additional Information of Internet
=>Internet is the largest network in the world.
=>Internet is a place where you can connect each other,share your thoughts and experiences.
=>Using Internet you can do Video call from one corner of the world to other corner of the world.
=>Internet Provide online shopping facility.
How I can search something from Internet ?
When we want to get information from Internet first of all we need a broswer like Chrome.
What is Broswer ?
An internet browser is a software program that provide a way to access all information on the World Wide Web.
When we open broswer then we put Website Address/URL(Universal Resource Locator) or type Google Address and search anything which we want.
For example:

HTTP stand for "HyperText Transfer Protocol".
WWW Stand for " World Wide Web".

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