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How to control or delete 'My Activity' in your Google Account

My Activity

My Activity is a website which provide a facility to find and see your searches, broswing history and other activity which saved to your Google Account in My Activity.
My activity is a place where you can view and manage your searches which you have done using Internet like website vists and watched videos.
Click Here for visit Website
How it work ?
When you are search something on Google Chrome or YouTube they are saved to your Google Account in my activity.
1.May be some results are not saved.
2.If you have login multiple gmails/emails may be your activity save on default account.
3.If you have login multiple accounts and check each account activity click three verticle line and select your account(Your all login account are displayed here).

4.Click Three dots and check your search detail

How I can control my activity ?
You can control most of information which are saved in My Activity.
Almost you can control your activity.
Click three lines (-) and click "Activity Controls".
Disable all things which you didn't want to save in my activity.

Are anyone access my activity?
 No! Only those person access your activity which know your Gmail/email address and password.
How I can Delete My Activity ?
You can easily delete your activity.
If you want to delete single activity click three dots and delete your activity one by one which you want.

If you wants to delete all your Activity click three lines and go to "Delete activity by" .
You can select "All Time" and "All Products"and then click Delete.
1.Go to "Other Google Activity" and know more information of your account.

2.if you want to know further information please go to Help section.

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