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Hidden Features/Secrets of Android phone

Hidden Feauture of Android Mobile

Here we have mentioned some feature of the Android mobile, which many people do not know.
1.Developer Option:

Using Developer option we can do many things.They Contain many feauture/Option.For Example Using Developer Option we can On "Usb Debugging mode","Show Touches","Show Layout bounds" and many more.
"Show Layout bounds" option

=>Developer Option are Available in Mobile Settings.
But in some cases they disappear from mobile or Sometime they can't Available in mobile.
How to Enable Developer Option ?
If Developer Option Disappear From your mobile or Your mobile does'n Contain Developer Option you can Follow Below Steps:
* Go Your Mobile "Setting"
* Find "About" Option and Click Hare
* Finally Click Some time(May be Three Time) on "Build Number" Very Quickly.
Build Number

2.Android Version
Android Version

If you can Click many time on "Android Version" a small popup open on your homescreen and You can enjoy it by clicking on it.
How to Access Android Version ?
Go "Setting"=>About=>Click Android Version.
3.Hide Video/Folder
If you want to hide Video/Folder without using any external Application please Follow simple steps:
=>Open File Manager
=>Go to Setting
=>Disable Follwing Option(This option may vary/different in your mobile phone)
(i)Show Hidden File
(ii)Show Hidden media file

=>Rename any Folder/Video and put symbol of Dot(.) Before starting name and refresh.
Now Your Folder or Video will be hide
.How to hide video

=>If you want to show dot Folder/Videos/Files Enable/mark These two Option.
(i)Show Hidden File
(ii)Show Hidden media file
4.Increase Mobile Font Size
If you have problem with small fonts and don't know how to increase fonts size then this article is for you.
* Go to "Setting"
* Find "Display"

* Click "Display" and go to " Font Size" and  select your custom/desire Font
"Font Size" option is very helpful for those people which can't read small/normal size words.

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