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Acronyms Of Famous Words

Acronyms Of Famous Words
In This Article Some Words Contain Many Acronym.I am trying to write Popular Acronyms which are used in daily life. For More Detail Visit Google

CEO stands for
Chief Executive Officer

COO stands for
Chief Operations Officer

MNA stands for
Member Of National Assembly

NRO stands for
National Reconciliation Ordinance

NAB stands for
National Accountability Bureau (Pakistan)

FBR stands for
Federal Board of Revenue  (Pakistan)

US stands for
United State(Country)

UK stands for
United Kingdom(Country)

UAE stands for
United Arab Emirates(Country)

CPU stands for
Central Processing Unit

RAM stands for
Random Access Memory

ROM stands for
Read-only Memory

OS stands for
Operating System

PC stands for
Personal Computer

URL stands for
Universal Resource Locator

HTTP stands for
HyperText Transfer Protocol

WWW stands for
World Wide Web

CD stands for
Compact disc

DVD stands for
Digital Versatile Disk

TV stands for

LAN stands for
Local Area Network

WAN stands for
Wide Area Network

VPN stands…

Features of Bluetooth

Features of Bluetooth
Almost every mobile user know Bluetooth.Most of people only know that Bluetooth is only use for file transfer from one Mobile to another mobile in low speed.They are wrong because using Bluetooth we do many things.
Some are given below:
Wireless Devices:
Using Bluetooth we connect our mobile with wireless devices like
Mouse And Keyboard:

We Connect Our Mobile with wireless Mouse and keyboard easily.Wireless are available in markets.


A lot of People using wireless headphones which easily available in cheap rate in markets.Now trends of using wireless headphones are growing days by days.

We can connect speakers with Mobile Phone using Bluetooth.
Internet Sharing:

We can share our mobile internet with other mobile using Bluetooth.

Internet-UR Teche

Internet are growing fastaly day to day.In This article I am giving you some information about internet because positive use of internet are very helpful in our life and negative use of internet create problems in our life, society's and relative. Every days a lot of websites are created and thousands of websites are disappeared from Internet.Internet contain both types of websites like Good and bed.Internet contain a lot of informative Website where you can get Solution of every problem.Internet Provide thousands of service's.In these days you can get almost all thing on your home using Internet.
How many people are using Internet in worldwide ?
Internet User in World Wide
A Lot Of People Use Internet
*Internet User in 2002(Approximately)
673 Million
*Internet User in 2005(Approximately)
("B" stand For Billion).
*Internet User in 2018(Approximately)
*Internet User in 2019(Approximately)
For more info visit Google
Some Additional Information of Int…

How to block Internet of any Application(without root)

Internet are Growing fastaly these days.
Positive use of Internet are very helpful especially for students.Internet are widely used in world.Every Internet user want to gain more and more knowledge about Internat and their usage. A lot of Internet user use internet on mobile.
In this article I am telling how to block Internet of any application without root of mobile for example if you want to block WhatsApp net but same time you want that other applications net are working Properly. Most of Android Mobile user don't know how to block Internet of any application. Thay are trying to different methods for this purpose. I am telling a brilliant method to block any application net which are almost available in any andriod mobile(may be some mobile dosn't contain that option).
Follow below steps to block Internet
1.Go to Mobile "Setting"
2.Find "Apps"
3.Click Your desire application
4.Find "Data Usage" Option

5.Scroll down and Disable/Disallow "Mobile …

How to control or delete 'My Activity' in your Google Account

My Activity

My Activity is a website which provide a facility to find and see your searches, broswing history and other activity which saved to your Google Account in My Activity.
My activity is a place where you can view and manage your searches which you have done using Internet like website vists and watched videos.
Click Here for visit Website
How it work ?
When you are search something on Google Chrome or YouTube they are saved to your Google Account in my activity.
1.May be some results are not saved.
2.If you have login multiple gmails/emails may be your activity save on default account.
3.If you have login multiple accounts and check each account activity click three verticle line and select your account(Your all login account are displayed here).

4.Click Three dots and check your search detail

How I can control my activity ?
You can control most of information which are saved in My Activity.
Almost you can control your activity.
Click three lines (-) and click "Activity Controls"…

Hidden Features/Secrets of Android phone

Hidden Feauture of Android Mobile

Here we have mentioned some feature of the Android mobile, which many people do not know.
1.Developer Option:

Using Developer option we can do many things.They Contain many feauture/Option.For Example Using Developer Option we can On "Usb Debugging mode","Show Touches","Show Layout bounds" and many more.

=>Developer Option are Available in Mobile Settings.
But in some cases they disappear from mobile or Sometime they can't Available in mobile.
How to Enable Developer Option ?
If Developer Option Disappear From your mobile or Your mobile does'n Contain Developer Option you can Follow Below Steps:
* Go Your Mobile "Setting"
* Find "About" Option and Click Hare
* Finally Click Some time(May be Three Time) on "Build Number" Very Quickly.

2.Android Version

If you can Click many time on "Android Version" a small popup open on your homescreen and You can enjoy it by clicking on it.

How to Create a Gmail Account


Gmail is a free email service and Google developed it.
If you are using Internet then you will know the benefits of Gmail.

Many of websites and Applications require gmail ID to use their services.
A lot of People's know how to create a gmail account but many People don't aware how to create a unique Gmail account.
How To Create a Gmail Account ?
You can Easily create Gmail Account by follow Some steps:
1.Click Below link
Click Here
This Window will be open

2.Fill Given Forum:
Like First and Last name
write your Gmail address which you want to create.
Finally create Password and Conform Password and click Next.
Face issue:

If you face that issue then replace
 another name or give suggested name.
3.After Click next a new window will be open in which you can verify your Phone nember,Date of Birth and select gender and then Click Next.

4.Finally You Recieve a Code Put these code on given box and Click Verify.
5.A New Window will be open You Can Click "Skip" Or  "Yes I&…