Jazz introduce eSim Technology || what is eSim ? how it use

Jazz eSim Technology
Pakistani Telecommunication Company Jazz introduce eSim Service for its User.
Jazz is a largest Telecommunication company of Pakistan.Now Jazz user use your number without physical sim.
What is eSim ?
eSim is a digital and Advanced sim Technology without Physical existanence.Using eSim you can digitally activate and store multipe numbers.
• You can Activate your sim through Internet.
• No need for Physical Sims.
• Suitable Handsets like iPhone XS,XR and XS max will become dual SIM phones.
How To Activate eSim ?
Registration Process
• Visit any Jazz Business center/Frunchise to register eSim on your number.
• After Registration you can receive QR code on voucher.
• Scan QR code on your mobile.
• Biometric verification are Compulsory
Jazz offer free esim activation for a limited time.
How to Activate Your eSim ?
• Connect Your Mobile to Internet through Wifi.
• Goto "Settings".
• Select " Add Cellular Plan " and the camera automatically lunc…

Awesome Features Of the Google Playstore || features of Google Playstore

Features Of Play Store
1st of all we provide some information of Playstore.Google own Playstore.Playstore is a famous place for Android Apps and Games.
Normally Playstore is a 1st choice of every Android user.Everyone who want to publish their Apps/Games on Playstore they must first purchase Google Play Develpor Console Account on 25 US Dollars. After Purchase Google Console Account they are able to Publish Unlimited Apps/Games on Playstore.
Google introduce Playstore in October 22, 2008
• Website :
Playstore Contain Free Apps/Games ?
Playstore Contain both Free and Paid Application/Games but lot of free.
Features Of Playstore:
A lot Of People are use Playstore but they can't know some features which are very helpful for him.
How to add Apps/Games in whitelist ?
Whitelist is a very useful feature of Playstore. You can can check mark any apps or Games as a whitelist. After Check mark these games/apps are saved in "Whitelist" You can access whitelist any tim…

Ministry of Science & Technology lunched official Website - Moon Sighting Pakistan ; Eid on June 5

Ministry of Science & Technology lunched official Website.
The name of the Website are "Moon Sighting Pakistan".You can cheak here Hijri Calender, Monthly Report and Much more.
Ministry of Science and Technology lunched its official Website

Jobs in Pakistan - Management Trainee Officer (Human Resource) || Government of Punjab

Jobs in Pakistan Government of Punjab Jobs
Management Trainee Officer (Human Resource)
Detail Of Job:
Location: Lahore , Punjab
Industry: Punjab Government
Project: 1263 MW Punjab Power Plant
Employment Status: Contract
Last Date To Apply: 10-06-2019
Age: 18-30
Gender: Both(Male and Female)
Degree Level: Master/Bachelor (Hons)
16 Year Of  Education
* Business Administration
* Human Resources Management
* Management
* Public Administration
For more info and Apply For This Job Visit Below Link
Apply And More info Click Hare

How to enable Lite Mode/how to save Mobile data || how to Enable Desktop Mode

In This Article we cover below topics
Stop Save Password
How to Enable Desktop Mode in Mobile ?
How to save Mobile data ? 
How to change download location in Chrome Broswer ?
Stop Save Password
In this article I am telling a disadvantage of save password.
Dear friend's in these days a lot of people using Internet and visited many sites.
Some websites needs registration for use their services when we registered a website then we must sign in/login that website for use their services. We login site by using password. This website ask him "Do You Want To Save Password"
A lot of People Click "Yes" So Password and username/Email are saved.
This thing save our time because next time we login that website without write Password and Email/Username.
This information(Username/Email and Website name) is saved on Chrome.
Who Access that information except me ?
Those person who know your mobile lock screen Password are Access that information.
If You Want To see that save passw…

How to add missing Place in Google || how to add our address in Google

How to add missing Place in Google
How to add our address in Google

In this post we teach you how to submit address in Google map in very easy way.
First of all Download "Google Map" and Open it.
After Open login from Gmail account and Follow below steps.
1. Click Three Lines/Dots.

2. Scroll Down and Click "Add Missing Place"

3.After Click "Add Missing Place"  A new Forum will be open and fill it carefully.
Name Of The Place
Add your Place Name Carefully

Select Category
After Giving Place Name You must select Category like School, Office etc.
Many Category are given hare you can select your desired Category.

Add Location
You can add Your location or click Update Location on map and select your location and Click OK your location automatically added.
Note:Make sure you have select/write 100% right location. Add Hour and Contact Number

If you have submitted working Place like office/Shops address Please add hour(Opening and closing Hour)
Add your Contact Number/P…

What is Google ?

What is Google ? Google is a search engine or Company ? Many Question arises when we use Google. Google is a Search engine as well as Company because they own many businesses. Google is a famous and no.1 search engine.Every Internat user must use Google.Google make changes himself and make better in time to time.They launch Several Product. Google Provide a better facility's of the user.
Short History of Google:
Today's Google is very advance from previous years. Google make changes himself and provide better service.
Student of Stanford University Larry Page and Sergey Brin lunched Google.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin both are students of PhD.
On September 15,1997 Domain of was registered.
At the end of 1998, Google index 60 million pages.
Google Home Page
Google is a world largest search engine and make changes himself time to time.
Today Home Page of Google is different from previous years.